Welcome to OPICA Adult Day Program & Counseling Center!

OPICA's logo, our iconic tree, was created to symbolize the shelter we provide to individuals and families coping with dementia.

Send a tribute to someone in their honor, or in memory of someone they loved and lost. Acknowledge a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday. 

With your tribute gift, a leaf with your message will be added to OPICA's tree, visible to everyone as they enter.images/OPICA_Tree_Leaf.png

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Established in 1979, OPICA is proud of its legacy as the first Adult Day Care Center in the City of Los Angeles and continues to be a model for program development and internships.

OPICA - Optimistic People In a Caring Atmosphere- provides stimulating and therapeutic cognitive and sensory programs that actively engage people from early to later stages of memory loss and related neurological impairment.

Our Day Center is open five days a week, seven hours per day, offering a continuum of care for all stages of memory loss. The range of activities and services include group and individual support, providing stimulation for the mind, body and spirit. For more information on our programs,click here.

For those with early stage memory loss, we offer a four-hour program weekly for both those experiencing the memory loss and their care partners – “OPICA's Brain Train.” For more details,click here.

In addition, OPICA offers emotional support to family members, providing individual, family and support group counseling for caregivers and the general public. For more information, click here.


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